Chicken Saddles?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by teenchik, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Apr 17, 2010
    I have a flock of Freedom Rangers and Cornish-Crossed ruled by a 14lb Cornish-Cross Rooster. The problem is with how thin the hens' skin is Sugar's, my rooster's, talons and spurs cut small nicks in the hens' skin that slowly grow into large gashes that often get infected. I am planning on trimming his spurs and talons but I have heard of "Chickens saddles" a rap to put around under the hens' wings where the roosters feet mount so the hen does not get cut. How effective is this? what should I use?
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    You should be able to find them for sale on here somewhere.

    At 14 lbs, I would think he would be read for the roasting pot?!
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    I bought several from Louise's Country Closet and have been very pleased with them.

    Excellent customer service, and they were happy to use custom materials - in my case, heavy canvas to withstand our high desert summers.

    And they're BYCers, too! [​IMG]

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    You can get the real thing from Crazy K Farm: If you want to buy and resell saddles like these you should contact Crazy K Farm and order from them (1-800-980-4165). Why? 1) Because the Hen Saver is a patented, proven design; and 2) profits from the sales of Hen Savers are used to support rescued animals, mostly chickens: the business owner (ME -- and I am also a BYC'er) does not take a salary -- all proceeds are used to care for the animals, except 10% of the profits from pink Hen Savers, which is donated to support the fight against breast cancer. So by purchasing the "real thing" -- the Hen Saver -- you are providing food and medical care to rescued chickens and helping us help women with breast cancer. I hope you will choose to support us by buying our product and not a knock-off. By the way, Hen Savers are made both in Bangladesh (so we can keep the price low) and in the USA (by 100% stay-at-home women and mothers.)
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    I buy the Hen Savers from Crazy K Farm and have been very pleased with them. I can get them on my gals by myself, sometimes it is quite a trick but I can do it. It doesn't take them long to get used to them. The elastic around the shoulders wears out before the fabric but I am going to try to replace it myself and see if I get the length correct. I should have measured it first so I know how much to use. Anyway, they do work and save my gals! I've tried the shoulder pad ones but they didn't like those at all but they accept the regular ones. They're worth buying the real things!

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