Chicken Scalped by Hawk


Sep 22, 2021
Hi Guys, I have a 2 year old white brahma that was scalped by a hawk four days ago. I cleaned out the wound, it's pretty deep and put her in a separate cage in the garage. She's been eating a little and pooping, not seeing her drink much water but she could be doing that when i'm not around. she walks around the cage and acts pretty normal so we were excited. She even laid an egg a couple days ago! However, yesterday i walked into the garage and it smelled like curdled milk. When I research this all that comes up is yeast infection, but i'm pretty sure her wound is what is probably infected, right? Would a wound infection smell like that? Since then I've been spraying her two daily with silver honey wound repair i got at tractor supply and blue kote. obviously, due to the blue cote I can't see if wound is getting green, but I don't notice any puss or anything like that. I desperately want to keep this animal alive. We love her, but I can't condone spending hundreds at the vet either. Any thoughts? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


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Do you have pictures? With scalp wounds I prefer using either chlorhexidene (Hibiclens) or Vetericyn, followed by plain Neosporin or Triple Antibiotic Ointment twice a day. The bad odor could be from her wound, her droppings, or from her crop, hard to know. If you can offer some watermelon or add water to a small bowl of chicken feed, that can get more fluids into her.

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