Chicken scratching neck


May 11, 2015
Hi, New to the website, it's been a great help in my introduction to keeping bantams. So, about my bantam - she's probably about a year old and (through the site) I figured out she had coccidiosis, she was really sick, I managed to nurse her through this with Corid and then she developed Wry neck. I have been treating her for this with Vit E and Selenium (thanks again BYC!) and she's recovered really well (had a episode with a compacted crop which I managed to sort). She is eating and drinking and (thankfully) starting to gain a little weight - she is a bit slightly paler than my other bantams but after all she's been through I'm not surprised! Am treating her with vitamins, good quality crumb, meal worm snacks and small amounts of yoghurt and spinach. Last couple of days I found blood on her neck - I assumed it was my other bantam who is a bit bossy and removed her from the Coop. The next morning there was more blood and feathers missing from the back and side of her neck. I've cleaned the wounds, checked for mites/lice over and over but can't find any - treated her for them anyway with DE. Just watched her and she keeps scratching her neck. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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