Chicken Shawls...or saddles as most of you call them and DOLLS!

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    Hi there! My grandmother has started a little business making chicken saddles. They are so cute! I am happy to be the test dummy!

    Please visit her shop on Etsy -

    She just opened her little shop up last week, so stop by and pay her a visit to put a smile on her face!

    Here are some of her "shawls" (that's what she likes to call them) available.

    This one has batting in it for comfort and is made of a high quality quilter's cotton.

    This one is made of double thickness material - I love these polka dots! This one has been adopted by a hen [​IMG]

    Yes, you are seeing this...she added a ruffle to the back - it is now a chicken sundress...sooooo cute!

    Stop on over and see her - your hens will thank you!!!

    Let's see - Nama makes shawls and I make dolls - if you are into collecting dolls, this is what I make:
    These are handmade, handpainted whimsical raggedy dolls.

    You can see more by heading on over to my shop -

    I am also having a giveaway on my blog, you can win one of these! Just go here:

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