Chicken starting to run into walls nonstop


Aug 1, 2020
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Oct 18, 2017
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This fall she was out in the fenced yard, crawled under the fence, and made it to the road. She then hitchhiked on a truck that found her that thought she was abandoned. They took her 5 houses down. After 2 weeks of futile
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search, and putting her eggs in the incubator, I put up a sign down the road JUST IN CASE... TURNS OUT, the house I put the sign up next too, had her with their silkies. Told me about the truck that brought her to them. I gave her one of my frizzles.


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The eye looks like it has been injured and become infected. Glad that you were able to see the vet twice. Do you think she may have been pecked in the eye when she was with the neighbor’s silkies? Hopefully, her eye will heal. She might lose the sight, but she still could get around in her normal environment. Hopefully, she is just scared from the pain and not being able to see out of the eye.


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Feb 15, 2020
So she stays in the house all day? Sounds like an unhappy chicken desperately trying to get outside where it belongs and can be a happy, normal chicken. I’m never surprised when someone’s “house chicken” starts to decline since they are living in a completely unnatural environment.
I know I’ll receive a lot of hate for this and the moderators don’t like it, but I’ll never stop preaching about the dangers of keeping a chicken in the house. It’s dirty, unnatural and unhealthy for not only you but the chicken as well. These are not opinions these are facts. Just the asbestos they carry under their wings alone should be enough to make one shudder - and chicken diapers? A great way to give your chicken an infection and spend thousands of dollars.
What’s chicken asbestos?
I didn’t know they had wings made from it these days.
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