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9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
I don't know where to post this so hopefully this forum works.

Now that I'm "into" chickens, I want some chicken stuff, but nothing too tacky. Any ideas on where I can find some stuff? I would like a nice looking wooden sign saying something like fresh eggs, or farm fresh eggs or something like that. Any kitchen decorations that aren't too tacky would be cool too. A brown chicken is better than white since all my girls are RIR. I would also like a cute "coop" sign. I saw one once, but I can't remember where it was and I can't find it again.


I find the most unusual chicken stuff at either second hand stores or antique/collectible stores. Of course you need to wade through a mountain of junk.
Big Lots is another place that sometimes has fun chicken stuff.

Have fun searching

i make chicken dolls...
Thanks. I'll check those recommendations out.


P.S. Cute doll. I can't make anything except maybe sew a hole in dog toy.
Egg rock. Great job painting!

There is a lot of things on ebay. Signs of all kind. I bought a couple to put on the coop. Was only looking for tin so I could put it outside.

I have collected chickens for years and years. All kinds of chicken figurines, chick 'n nest and pictures. There are lots of prints out there to be had....ebay too.

I found one sign at Hobby Lobby.

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