Chicken survived fox attack


6 Years
Aug 23, 2013
One of my chickens was attacked by a fox this morning. We thought the fox got her but she's came back 3 hours later with a couple of puncture wounds, no blood at all. There is a little bit of clear fluid oozing at the wound sites. She is acting eating/drinking/behaving normally; even laid an egg after the attack. We gave her electrolytes in her water and put peroxide/ triple antibiotic ointment on her wounds. Is there anything else I should be doing? I heard about antibiotics since she was bitten but her wounds don't look very deep so I don't know if it's necessary. We have two other chickens and they weren't bothering her so we didn't isolate her.

Any info is greatly appreciated!!


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
She is very lucky to have survived the attack. Puncture wounds can become infected and abscess fairly easily if not cleaned and kept open for a couple of days. I would clean with betadine, and try to open the puncture wounds with a Q-Tip for 2 days, and apply antibiotic ointment each time. Watch for any puffiness and redness at the wound sight for a couple of days.

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