Chicken threw up. What is up?

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  1. leilani10

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    I just moved my roo and 3 hens in a new coop. I saw my chicken throw up and my roo pooped solid with water coming out also. Does anybody think it is just the move. I saw them pecking and eating pine shavings.There is vinyl flooring underneath pine shaving so I know when they were pecking and eating it was only pine shavings, no bugs in coop. Could this make them have this condition. They r not sick or lethargic. Thanks for any advice. Leilani
  2. chickenzoo

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    Did they throw up right after you picked her up? If so she may have drank a lot of water and the pressure from being picked up caused her to vomit. Liquid with poo can mean he drank a lot also.
  3. leilani10

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    it just shocked me. didnt know they did this. all is well.

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