Chicken troubles

Big Joe 77

8 Years
Apr 2, 2013
One of my chickens is acting strange lately. I noticed her recently opening her mouth as if to make a noise or take a breath but doesn't make a sound & continues this action every so often. Then today I noticed she has her head turned to one side & rubbing the other side on the ground or against her body as if to scratch but never corrects her head but continues to walk around with her head side ways. I did notice one eye on the lower lid looks a little swollen. Could she possible have something in her eye or maybe something more serious??? Any thoughts or suggestions??? Thanks.
Post with as many details as possible on the "Emergencies, diseases, injuries, treatment" thread - where someone more experienced will answer you. Can You tell if she has anything stuck in her mouth or throat?
Cheers from Ohio!
Glad you could join us!

Sounds like upper respiratory - Opening her mouth usually represents difficulty in breathing. Itchy eye is from swelling from a URI, possibly
? For sure post in "Emergencies, diseases, injuries, treatment"

Good luck!

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