Chicken weirdness, calls and behavior


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Mar 24, 2012
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I have 3 chickens and they all make the weirdest noises. I had no idea they would/could make so many sounds.

My NH red, Sugar, is probably the quietest until the dog runs past and then we get the panic 'bok bok bok' really quickly as they flutter outta the way. Otherwise, she only makes little soft chattering noises when she sees treats. She is so quiet, I'll nearly step on her if I'm in the garden, she's so underfoot and into everything.

My SL wyandotte, Oreo, makes so many different sounds. Like an 'ah-ah-ah' sound in her throat with a growl and several short throaty growls. She doesn't usually open her mouth to make sounds.

My GL wyandotte, Cookie, is the biggest weirdo. She does the 'BOK BOK B"GOK!!' all the time, in the bushes, when she finishes laying, if something/someone interrupts her laying and for about 5 minutes after she lays. She is LOUD and she doesn't pause with the sounds it goes more like BOKBOKBGOKBOKBOKBGOK over and over.

And so finally the GL wyandotte, has decided that she belongs in the coop/nesting box all the time these past 2 days. I'm guessing she's gone broody? If you disturb her, she fluffs up all of her feathers as much as they'll go, she makes sounds like a dinosaur about to attack and stares at your hand like she might rip it off your arm. She's never been the most friendly girl, but now I'm almost afraid she might peck out my eyes. We only have one nesting box and the other ladies get cross with her for being in the way. They either push past her and shove her out or squeeze in there and do their business quickly.

Is that what a broody hen is like? I assume all these noises are normal, they're just a lot louder than I expected chickens to be. I thought roosters were the loud ones and if they are, they must be extremely loud!!

Have a super fantastically awesome day everyone!
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Yep, your girl is broody. If you only have one nesting box you need to put her in a separate area where she won't want to brood. Since broody hens want a dark, secluded place with comfy bedding, you would want to put her in a open place with plenty of light and, preferably, a wire floor. Eventually she'll break and stop being an evil broody.

As far as chicken noises, here's a thread I posted in the other day. Hopefully that will help.

Chickens are talkative. In the wild a chicken that got lost probably would not last for long, so they have a "language" to keep in touch. My roosters are actually the quiet ones, besides the crowing. Really all I ever hear from them is the food call, aerial warning, and (of course) crowing. Hens on the other hand always seem to have something to talk about. Especially when they lay an egg.

Hope this helps!

~~Ms.B :)
Ms. B-
Thank you so very much! It makes sense that they would want to keep in contact with their lady friends in the yard so I guess constant noise is how they would do it. It is hard to use sign language with all those feathers.

I love that post about all the noises. I'm hoping my velociraptor noises around here will stop when she's exits her broody phase, though the kids find it hysterical.

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