Feb 22, 2020
One of our cockerels is wheezing, and his crop is hard. We're thinking he's probably swallowed something that's obstructing his airway. He occasionally looks like he's going to throw something up. He seems to have a reduced appetite as well, and he keeps scratching his face with his foot as if his ear or throat or something is bothering him. His tail is also down.

Other than that, he doesn't have any other physical symptoms. We've tried feeding him some olive oil mixed with yogurt with a syringe. We've looked into his mouth, but can't really see anything. We have introduced some new chickens into our flock who we didn't raise recently. Is there anything else we can do? We love this chicken and don't want him to die.

UPDATE: We can feel something in his throat. It's definitely to do with his airway rather than his crop. Is there any way we can remove it? Please help us.
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It was the bantam

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Jun 1, 2020
Could be gape worm.These pesky worms line the airways and affect the chickens breathing.If untreated they are fatal.My first advice would be to isolate the rooster from the flock as, if it is gape worm, it gets passed on in the chickens poo so the risk of infecting other birds is high.

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