Chicken will not get off of nest and other two chicken have stopped laying

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    Aug 25, 2016
    Help! I have a young chicken (ameraucana) that has been laying small eggs for the last 2 months. All of a sudden she has stopped laying and won't leave the nest. Also my other two chickens a RIR and another Ameracana have stopped laying now. They are not on the nests but are not laying any more when hey used to lay daily. Cheat do I do.
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    One sounds broody. The other two may be taking a break, many hens start and stop throughout the season for various reasons. Make sure they are receiving enough protein in their feed to optimize production, it can be better to feed a higher protein ration if you feed more than just a ration. If feeding layer it should be the sole ration offered. You will need to break your broody hen by putting her in a wire bottom crate elevated off the ground for 3-5 days. A broody hen can sometimes cause others to stop laying too.
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    Shes broody. Three options:
    1. Try to break her using techniques described in other threads
    2. Leave her alone, remove fake eggs from all the nest boxes, take all the laid eggs everyday and let her just naturally get over it.Take about 2-3 weeks.
    3. Get her some fertilized eggs to set.

    A hen that starts out being broody can stay that way her whole life. Blessing or curse depending on how you look at it.

    Odds are the other hens have found somewhere else to lay and you have not found it yet,
    Especially if they free range your yard.
    If they free range, lock them up until they find a new spot to lay in the run or coop.
    If they dont free range at all, looking in every corner of your coop and run, you might find eggs in the least expected spot.
    Eggs can be outside for over a week and still be edible, so they might still be good if this just started.
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