chicken wire is evil!


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Apr 12, 2009
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ok so here is the deal...we are trying to stretch chicken wire on the top of our run to keep chicken hawks and stuff out. well this is turning out to be way more trouble than we thought. its like impossible to stretch the stuff tight and get all the bubbles out! does anyone have any tips? we are about to our wits end!
if you ever figure out how to get it tight, let me know
I've never gotten it to work all that great either.
well if u do get fed up with it i used 6 ft by 6ft chainlink fencing panels instead of chicken wire because i couldnt get the stuff to work and it just had little clasps to connect them it was easy... and just saying coons can chew thru chicken wire but im not an expert so here is my neighborly but probly not that great advice
always looking to help out
We wrapped it around a board and stapled it on. Then i held the board and pulled it real tight while my husband stapled it onto the frame of the run. We over-lapped the layers and zip tied them together. Did i explain it good enough that it made sense? In the end we got rid of ALL chicken wire, but that got it really tight.
A member build a really cool jig that had two boards that formed a T and at the top of the T they had about 5 bent nails that would grab the chicken wire and distribute the tension evenly as they pulled on it or kneeled on it. Wish I had the picture to show!

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