Chicken with an ear infection?

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I have a bantam RIR hen that has been acting funny lately. So I seprated her and have been watching her. After a good look over, I noticed the area around her ears is swelled. She walkes around like she is drunk and when I pick her up she has a fit and acts like I am tipping her or something of the like. She is eating and drinking and pooing fine. At first I thought it was impacted crop, but it feels like nomal. Any ideas? Anything would be great! Thanks!
I'm certain my chick Zippy had an ear infection because I saw her scratching her ear until she could no longer get her balance to do so. In about a day she could only stagger and fall down and went off her feed. I took her to an avian vet who syringe fed her and gave her an antibiotic injection and I kept her on oral baytril for 21 days after that. She recovered completely altho now she has crossbeak which i figure is unrelated. I would get some antibiotics into her. Good luck. BTW I brought her inside for that time. She couldn't stay with the others. I gave her a mirror which helped with loneliness and returned her to the flock as soon as I thought she could handle it.
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Oh my gosh! I'm cruising the forum because of my sick girl... I have been worried about her being lonely without the other nuggets. Your mirror idea is pure GENIUS! Thank you!

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