Chicken with one eye? not sure

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  1. mgouffray

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    May 26, 2007
    We found an abandoned chicken 2 days ago in the city. It was starved and sickly. I have been nursing it back to health for 2 days now and seeing improvements. It appears to have one good eye and an eye(?) that is shut. I am afraid to open the other eye ! I could post a pic but not sure what to do. Is there an eye inside or not? Could it be just a stuck eyelid?

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    Chickens have an outer eyelid and then an inner lid that sweeps side to side. You can take some neosporine with out pain killer in it, and massage into that eye. Without a pic it would be hard to say if an eye is there.......
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    BLESS YOU for taking her under your wing. The eyelid might just be stuck shut. Use neosporin or better, if you have some EYE ointment and gently massage it where the two lids meet to get it open so you can see whats going on in there.
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    let us know if it opens, I had a chick with a black spot instead of an eye and now she is almost 13 weeks and her eye is always closed, but she is fine! Good luck!

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