Chicken with pupiled eye each side....


11 Years
Sep 1, 2008
hi guys

ive got a hen that has 2 different pupil sized eyes.....

one is a large pupil which is normal i think.....or i always see pictures of chickens with large pupuils

but the one on the other side is very small...

i thought it was blind on the smaller pupiled side...
but it isnt...ive tested it and it can see both sides just as well......

why is this?
could anyone explain?>
LOL !!!! Sorry, Only makes me giggle a little b/c one of my pupils is smaller than the other (thank god I have dark brown eyes, so its not to noticable)..... Went to the doc about it a while ago and had all kinds of test done and saw all kinds of eye docs only to find out it was called an "aides" pupil (named after the doc who figured out what it was).... cause from either a real bad cold or a punch to the head.... well since I know for sure I didnt get punched in the head I figure it was from a bad cold (had many of those) Sorry to get off subject here, I have no idea if chickens can get the same thing but who knows !!!! Has she had/have a cold ???
well im not sure
this one is at least a couple years old
im not sure the history
it just flew in one day and i started to keep it as a pet

well who knows
this chicken is really nervous maybe its had a head concussion?
who knows

but yeah its just really notcable thats all......
hey there

thanks for the reply
umm i can see what ur post is trying to describe..

looks as if the pupil starting to go blind..

nah its just different size
ill try catch it and take some pics

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