Chicken with runny poo. She's always sickly


6 Years
Mar 11, 2013
I have a hen who has always had some problem or another. She has always had a weepy eye. I think its just a clogged tear duct, but she is almost 7 months old and still has it.

Her eggs are always funny shaped (wrinkled looking) or funny colored (faded in spots).

Now she has runny poo. I know its her because she is a White Plymoth Rock and her feathers are all brown around the vent area. She is acting fine otherwise. (other than the fact that she isnt the smartest chicken in the coop! lol)

All of my other chickens are healthy.

Should I put her in quarantine? for how long? I mean, I've never seen her completely healthy. I dont have an outside area to keep her, she'll have to go in a kennel in my garage. My other thought is maybe I should just cull her. I've never done that, and I'm a little sad and afraid to do it. I also feel a little guilty for even thinking it. She wouldnt go in the pot, as she just isnt very healthy.

I'm not ethically against culling. I'm just a city girl and not sure that I can do it. My hubby said he would, but I know it will be hard on him too. (city boy). lol

Anyway.. advice? what do you do when you have a hen who is unhealthy overall? Is there something I can do for her runny Poo?

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