Chicken with stump

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9 Years
Feb 5, 2010
Garrison, MN
I rescued a chicken (from a guy who shouldn't have even had chickens) who has just a stump for a leg. It's like her toes have completely fallen off. There's not even stumps where her toes were, it's weird. But she walks around just has a little bit of a limp (obviously) and she gets right in there to fight for food with the other chickens (I got them from the same guy, poor things) and she's friendly she'll let me pick her up.. but is she going to be okay? I've seen chickens with stumps but they had stumps from their toes and she has nothing at all. The leg is a little warm but not on fire and it's not bleeding, doesn't have puss and doesn't look infected. I'm a worry-wart so I'm naturally panicking about all of my chickens, lol
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10 Years
Mar 3, 2009
If sh eis eating walking and pooping she will be fine.. I had a hen that must have a previous injury loose all the toes on one foot and she never even slowed down...

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