Chicken with swelling/growth under eyelid


7 Years
Jun 14, 2012
Central Ma
Hey all,
I'm posting for my neighbor, who asked me to have a look at her chicken. I'm attaching pictures of the growth/swelling on her face. This is a 2-3 year old bantam cochin hen. The ailment is only affecting one side of her face, and i'm told she's eating, drinking, and otherwise acting fine. I thought it could be an abscess or possibly a sinus infection but wanted some other, more knowledgable opinions and treatment suggestions. Thanks!

It looks like either a tumor or an abscess from a peck wound or injury. However, a respiratory disease should also be considered (MG or coryza) especially if there is any nasal drainage, eye bubbles or drainage, rattles in the chest, a bad odor, or coughing. A tumor would feel firm where an abscess or respiratory disease would feel soft or squishy. If Baytril from a vet is available, it would treat either a respiratory disease or an abscess. Tylan 50 injection would treat MG, sulfa drugs will treat coryza, but both are carrier diseases.
The bump feels firm, and there is no eye or nose discharge, or sneezing. Is there anything we can try other than baytril incase it is an abscess? It seems to be increasing in sIze very rapidly, in told it's bigger this morning than is was yesterday evening when I took the pictures...

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