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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by FlyWheel, Dec 16, 2018.

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    OK, so me and my girlfriend have decided to take the next step and get a house together (both of us are pretty much fed up with our current roommates anyway - but I digress). So here's my quandary: She's not into chickens, actually a little fearful of them. But knows I do like them and she is perfectly willing to let me keep a few hens. Even choosing to live outside city limits so we can do so. As she isn't a big egg eater three hens should do me fine*.

    She does like cute, fluffy little baby chicks though (no fears there). So what I was thinking was to get an extra hen just for her; to acclimate her, so to speak. I'm thinking a Silkie would be best because even when they grow up they stay cute, fluffy and little and of course they are noted for their people friendliness. However one of the reasons I keep chickens is for the eggs, and Silkies aren't exactly renowned for that particular skill. so what I need to know is will a Silkie hen be well received by and get along well with other better layers, like Easter Eggers (my favorite)? I do realize the Silkie will probably end up bottom of the pecking order. That's fine so long as the others don't continuously bully her.

    Or would you recommend I choose a different breed for my GF?

    *Yes, I know all about "chicken math" :)
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    Ae you getting them all as chicks? What other breeds are you considering? I think she would bond w any kind of baby chick...
    let's see what others suggest.
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    I agree. If she is introduced to them as chicks and you keep her involved, I am sure she will keep that bond. Especially if you start with a low number to make it more personal. I would just stick with a breed that is known to be friendly(clingy :D) and fits all your other needs.
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    Get her a baby Brahma! :lau Why not a Barred Rock--all my BRs are sooooo sweet to humans but will *more than* stand up for themselves with the other hens. My top hen Scrambled is a BR, and she has the loveliest temperament when it comes to people. The bonus is they're great egg layers, too--a pet...with perks! ;D
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    I think all chicks would be best. You'd have to wait about 6 months for eggs depending on the breed, but that would give her time to get over her fears and fall head over heels in love with chickens. If all the chicks are raised together maybe there won't be a lot of bullying. A silkie should get along fine with some of the more docile sex link hens or even australorps.
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    My partner was slightly fearful around chickens at first, but has soon grown to love them, I think just by being around them and caring for them. For me, though, the chickens were part of the package, so to speak, as I already had a lot of them then.

    I agree that if you get chicks, persuade her to help name them and raise them, she'll find it hard not to get attached.
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    At the moment that's pretty much the plan. Start off with chicks one of them chosen specifically for her, a breed that stays small, cute and friendly. This is why I was thinking Silkie, as they are famous for these traits. I don't know which other breeds possess comparable traits. That's why I asked. :)

    I currently have 10 birds (7 EE's an Australorp, Marans and an RIR ("Production Red"), but they are already grown and my coop is too big to move. So I was thinking just start anew. That way I can get everything set up before I get the new chicks and she can get used to them while they're still tiny and 'harmless'.
    Uh, yeah. Did I forget to mention she's only 5' 3"??
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    Get two silkies, so if they get picked on they can have their own coop and run.
  9. MissChick@dee

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    There’s just something about raising them from chicks bet your girlfriend falls in love. Dunno about silkie’s temperaments but I would suggest getting birds for your flock that are size similar. If your climate is right I would suggest a Orpington. They are known to be docile and sweet. But ya never know my sweetest bird is a
    Leghorn go figure. Spending time with them is what makes a difference IMHO.
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    May 1, 2017
    I was at a Western wear/feed shop for boots a couple of years ago, and they had a big bin full of chicks. A sign above said, "Do not handle the chicks." I looked at the chicks, looked at the sign, looked back at the chicks and realized I'm GONNA handle those chicks. So I bought 3!

    We had no set up for chickens. My husband was mad. Like we need more animals?? But he went to work and built a beautiful coop and pen. And you should hear him talk baby talk to those hens. He sits in the backyard in the sun, petting a chicken on his lap. Like Poultry Prozac.
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