"Chickenizing" my SO

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by FlyWheel, Dec 16, 2018.

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    Get her a rooster. Get her to read how to handle it and when the time comes, if it comes, you and the chickens can make babies and see which produces the cutest looking.:)
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    Jan 14, 2017
    Definitely don't get her a rooster.
    They aren't a good idea for her first chicken.
    Pretty sure getting flogged by him when he's grown is not going to make her like chickens.
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    Just for those reading these replies...when they say not to handle the chicks it’s for Biosecurity...unknownly you can transmit diseases. Your chickens may have immunity to certain strains of virus’s that newly hatched chicks do not. And in a worse case scenario visa-versa.
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    Jeeze, you're on the right track already get the lady some brahmas or faverolles and watch her become a crazy chicken lady in front of your very eyes. Don't be put off by size, i'm 4"11 and 114 pounds and still snuggle my brahma girl. Favs are also very "clingy" and babyish even the fellas so if a rooster happens no big whoop! Big plus both breeds are super soft and slooow even as adults so they are perfect for nervous ladies, kids, seniors pretty much anybody who might need a softer less menaceing chicken.:)
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    @Shadrach :lau.... I love roosters and usually have about three with an orbiting flock of juvies messin with them.... only been flogged once... Second time he went "away"

    Chances are 50/50 a Silkey chick will be a hen or a roo. Because they cant be sexed... You dont know untill they Crow or Lay an egg. My Silky Roos Were a hoot. Kind to people But Dang they held their own with the LF roos.

    So Name the Silkey a name that can either Feminized or Masculineized... (is that a word)
    OR neutral... Like Pat....:gig

    Not to worry about egg production.... This is for her. and so worth it for entertainment value and peace....

  8. perchie.girl

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    Umm, Folks, I believe @Shadrach posted in jest. :confused:
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    You think @Shadrach would do something like that? Nooo.;)

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