"Chickenizing" my SO


Sep 6, 2018
u.p. mi
first suggestion is to get hatching eggs instead of pullets, my thinking is you can start the hatch on day 1 of move in, that way its a bit of a romantic gesture as well and this might help you get your foot into the door so to speak, will give time to process for her and then as the day comes closer it gets more exciting. then fluff balls start coming out and have attach to her. thus attaching her to them as well ( motherly instinct) this will also emotionally attach the house with the chickens and you ( in theory)

im throwing my hat in kn breed and suggesting a bantam cochin with a coloring that appeals to your lady. they also have the problem of not laying many eggs but they are just so super friendly and they look like a big fluff ball. i would say standard breed but thats a lot to feed for little eggs. and then there is the intimidation factor bantam breeds are small and the fluff ball appearance make them perfect for a first bird to handle. they are very docile and easy to catch as well. mine waddle up to me on sight but not aggressively like my reds do. just my 2 cents.


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i love bantam EEs as well... they come in bantam sizes and I love the fact you can never tell what color they are going to be when they grow up. Though Here is the rub....

Most bantam breeds cannot be sex vented because of their small size. There are a few hatcheries that avertise sexed Bantams... But I would not be surprised if their success rate is much lower than large fowl breeds.


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