"Chickenizing" my SO


Spring has sprung!
Jul 23, 2018
Edgewood, KY
My Coop
I think Shadrach wants you to not have a girlfriend with that rooster comment. :lau Buy just females forget the roosters too much trouble. Hatchings I would not do too much chance of chicken math and could have hatch with 50% roosters. You can have more or less but not ingratiating self with that.:he

Silkies are cute but not known for their egg laying ability and oh the hair to keep clean. I love my Speckled Sussex, Hedy is a standard large fowl and so sweet. She follows you anywhere and first to greet. She will let you pet her and hold her till your done then happily run off.

You could show her some online without letting her know you are getting any and see what she picks as likes. :confused:

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