Chickens and hot peppers!

Yes but they will change the color of their yolks to a dark orange-ish red. Remember not to let them over indulge in treats, no more than 10% of their daily diet.
I assume that offering some fruit/veggie daily (small amount for example, 5 hens get like 10 blueberries), would be a healthy benefit rather than a treat. Thanks aunt jessi 😊
Only mammals can taste spicy food, chickens lack the VR1 capsaicin receptors. Fun fact, these are actually receptors to taste heat. In essence, spicy food isn't spicy at all, it's just how we experience it. So it's perfectly safe for chickens.

Peppers will make the egg yolks darker but they won't make the eggs taste spicy. Many people also use it to keep rats out. There is some evidence for an antibiotic effect and adding a few peppers to their diet could stimulate egg laying.

I may have made that confusing. I do fill my chicken feeders, which are all kept inside the coops/runs. I just don't fill the wild bird feeders out in the yard.

I probably could because I clearly see migrating birds making their way into my yard -- which I generally love. Not filling the wild bird feeders isn't stopping them from showing up.

I quit because there was avian flu in a couple of adjacent counties to mine, and because I am close to a county-owned pond where migratory waterfowl congregate.

Also, keep in mind that I am an overprotective worrywart. :D

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