Chickens and streets

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  1. GandalfGoose

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    May 25, 2015
    I don't have chickens yet, just guineas and geese, but I am looking into getting chickens and have a question. I live on a relatively busy street that has people that drive WAY to fast and do other dumb things as they go by. The barn, where the birds are kept is a good 300 ft from the road. The geese are always kept behind a fence in one of the pastures, so they are not a problem. However, we have been letting the guineas free range since we got them for tick patrol. This has worked well for a year and a half so far. Guineas, in an understatement of the year, are not bright. This means that they have decided this summer that they have NO respect for the street and have been chasing cars. My question is, do chickens have a better sense of the dangers of the street (as in there will be nothing good on the other side and won't try to chase cars)? I want to phase out the guineas and transition to chickens because while I sort of like the guineas, and they are great at bug clean up, they do too many dumb things for my liking :) I don't know if it matters, but I was interested in getting Barred Rocks. Also, would the chickens be likely to pick up a car chasing habit if they lived with the guineas? Thanks!
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    Both hens and roosters are very intelligent birds. Thay are very easily trained. My chicks are only 5 weeks to 7 weeks old but IV got 4 full size rooster's I let out of there pin all the time and thay don't get to far away from there pen. Thay see there pen is being safe. And when u have your hens in the coop there not going to get to far from there nest I don't think you will have anything to worry about.
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    May 5, 2015
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    In my experience. No..they are not wise enough to stay out of the road. My hens are kept about the same distance from the street, and have wound up over 1/4 mile down the road! They have 4.5 acres of pasture and brush but I am CONSTANTLY chasing them out of the road. Heck, they stop traffic! If I'm not watching them, I know where they are when folks start honking their horns at them. The only way a hen won't leave her nest is if they are broody. If not, they'll be exploring everywhere they can possibly go.
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    Don't think they will actually 'chase' cars....LOL....but good chance they my end up in the road.

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