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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by NanaVickie, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. NanaVickie

    NanaVickie Chirping

    Jul 10, 2019
    I'm new to the group, and would like to say hello.
    I don't own any chickens, but I'm having severe problems with my neighbors.
    We live inside city limits, and chickens aren't allowed. (Not the issue)
    There are 23 hens and 2 roosters.
    My issue is, they cross the road, come onto my property, destroyed my garden and flower beds, they poop everywhere and it's caused my husband (who is disabled) fall twice, and I have slipped in the poop and fallen once.
    What can I do to keep them off my porch, sidewalk, and out of my garden?
  2. A_Fowl_Guy

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    May 4, 2014
    Newberry, Indiana

    Miss Piggy Sue says, “Welcome to our eggcelent flock here at BYC!”
  3. Meg-in-MT

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    Jan 29, 2018
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    Hello! Welcome to BYC!! :frow

    I'm so sorry to hear you're having problems with you neighbors chickens. Unfortunately, it's people like that that get harsh city ordinances started in the first place. Have you tried talking with them?
  4. Eggscaping

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    Dec 4, 2018
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    Welcome to BackYardChickens! So glad to have you here in our wonderful community of friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people! Is your yard fenced? If so, and the chickens are flying over the fence, and you HAVE asked the neighbors to keep their chickens out of your yard...and explained why...(especially your husband's fall!) then if it were me, I'd start eating chickens...
  5. Texas Kiki

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    Jul 31, 2015
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  6. BlueBaby

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    Maybe you could talk to them and say that if they can't keep the chicken's off of your property then you will start having chicken dinner?

    I think that why they are letting them run around the neighborhood like that is that they are trying to hide the fact that the flock belong's to them. That way if the authorities show up, they can say that they don't know who the flock belong's to?
  7. DobieLover

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    Jul 23, 2018
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    Hello. :frow Sorry you had to join a chicken forum when you are not a chicken owner because you have highly irresponsible and inconsiderate neighbors.
    The first thing I would to would be to explain to them that you do not want their chickens on your property. Period. If they do not confine their flock explain to them again that if they will not respect your property you will have no choice but to turn them into code enforcement. The city would force them to remove the birds. The ONLY way to really keep the birds off your property is to keep them fence in or in a run.
    It's a tough spot to be in because you want to maintain harmony with the people you live near. I hate that you have been put in such a situation.
    Good luck to you and keep us posted on how you make out.
  8. DobieLover

    DobieLover Easily distracted by chickens

    Jul 23, 2018
    Apalachin, NY
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    If they have a coop set up, good luck to them!
  9. bruceha2000

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    Apr 19, 2012
    NW Vermont
    Welcome to BYC!
    There are many ways to keep your chickens out of areas you don't want them to go ... but you shouldn't have to do that for someone else's chickens!

    Since chickens aren't allowed where you live, I would think the neighbors would be interested in keeping their chickens home just to reduce the possibility that they will be removed by the law. You or another neighbor might decide to turn them in if they are causing trouble outside their own property. They need to fence them in in some fashion. Most chickens can fly up to a 4' fence with no trouble at all, 5' is harder though not impossible for most. MOST of the time a chicken will prefer to land on a fence then go down rather than fly all the way over. The neighbors might was to put up an electro net to keep the birds home.
  10. ShannonR

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    Sep 17, 2015
    Wow, sorry about this. I've had wandering chicken issues in the past too, at one place a neighbor was feeding them and buying straw bedding for under her porch and totally encouraging the chickens to hang out there. At another place they were doing some minor garden damage and I fenced in an acre and a half in an attempt to keep my birds home. That didn't work for very long, and eventually I had to build large covered pens to contain my birds because I didn't want them irritating my neighbors.

    Put a "free chickens-- you catch!" ad on Craigslist if the neighbors won't at least attempt to contain their birds...

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