Chickens have awful congestion, could it be a cold?

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    I have a Faverolle rooster who has seemed like he's had a cold for a few weeks. He sneezes every once in a while and shakes his head sometimes, a little runny nose, but other than that acts normal and looks normal.

    Just recently i noticed my serama/jap hen has awful congestion. I have seen her try to sneeze, but it's not often. The congestion is really bad, crackly and kind of wheezing when she breathes. I havent seen anything come out of her nose though.

    I have lost a lot of birds, but I dont think they were sick, they've just disappeared and it's got to be an owl or hawk or something. The only two chickens (above) that I have noticed are sick havent died or gone missing. Their color looks good, weight is fine, acting normal and happy. Eating well too.

    It has been anywhere from 70-80 during the day and it's starting to get 30 and below at night (GA). I feed them layer pellets and lots of treats - good treats. They are sort of free range but most dont go over an acre.

    Any ideas? The hen is really worrying me. I have brought her inside for the past week but she still has horrible congestion. Should i buy some antibiotics?

    Thanks for any help!! [​IMG]
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    Might be good to look up CRD, Chickens don't really get common colds like us. There are a number of respritory infections, antibiotics may be of use for some and not for others. Check out IB, ILT, MG and Coryza. Maybe you can narrow it down based on symptoms, keeping in mind they don't always display every symptom in the books though.

    It is possible too that dust or poor air quality is causing the troubles, but if you have moved a chicken inside and problems have presisted that does not sound like the case.
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    I have no experience with respiratory infections in chickens, but I have some handy bookmarked webpages for you to read if you wish to while you wait for responses:
    common poultry diseases with diagnosis charts at the bottom
    scroll down for "my chicken has a cold part I, II, and III"
    this website is for the true research lover- don't know if it applies to you or not [​IMG]

    Edited to add- good someone responded- yes chickens don't really get colds - good advice!
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    Thanks for all the advice, i'll be busy researching for a while! [​IMG]

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