Chickens helped me catch a rat


6 Years
Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
I was letting everyone out to free range while I cleaned up their yard a bit.
Right as I got done, I heard squawking from one of the chickens and ran over to see what was happening.
Saw a huge rat running around the chickens trying to avoid them and get to the baby chicks that were running about.

I started throwing things within my reach at it before one of the hens grabbed it's tail.
I quickly grabbed it from the hen, yes I was wearing gloves, and then held it down before smashing a large rock into it's head a few times.
Finally it's head was smashed beyond recognition and then I took it and threw it into the garbage out front.

I was really scared of that rat but I hid that fear to save the baby chicks it was after.
Nobody goes after my birds and lives, doesn't matter if it's a animal or a human. I will kill anyone who threatens my family.
Defend the flock no matter the cost. That is why i have three times had the courage to face down skunks at great personal peril.

I would suggest some kind of a rat removal program. Where there is one.......
I am sure the rat was loaded with parasites too. I don't even like the idea of them being close to each other. Great job getting that thing, and then dispatching it. Brave lol. I use rat traps in areas the birds cant get to with bait hot glues to the lever. If that fails its a .22 and secret op after dark. I also have barred owls that take care of a great number of that stuff I am sure.
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