Chickens not using perch in new coop

They are scared and possibly cold. They will figure things out in a day or two. Check to make sure they are warm enough though. It's cold out and they are still babies. Enjoy.
Moved my 8 wk old chicks to their new coop. They are not roosting on the perch but instead huddled together in the corner . Why are they not using the perch?
No one ever showed them how.
A broody raised chick is taught to roost by it's mother at about 2.5 weeks old.

Your chicks are fully feathered. They are not cold.
Chicks roost sooner if someone (doesn't even have to be mama) shows them how. I don't train my chicks to roost, but they've always followed adults (or in my first batch, I had added started pullets that had been around other adults) up onto roost with no interference from me.

Without adults to show them, IF you want them to roost now, you'll need to manually place them on the roost at dark to show them that's where they should be. Conversely, if you don't want to bother with that, if you leave them to their own devices they should figure it out over time, but it can take weeks.
They’re young they will figure it out you can show them if you want. The only exception that I know of are silkies they tend to pile rather than perch no matter their age.
I've never had a pile of Silkies sleeping :idunno
All mine perch unless chicks/ learning to perch or broody in the nest box
From what I’ve heard I can depend on the chickens or the height of the roost they can have trouble getting up or down from the roost because of their feathers so they tend to prefer a lower roost. I have one friend who made hers a ramp to get up!

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