Chickens pecking each other ??

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9 Years
Jul 25, 2010
I've got a flock of about 18 hens and two roosters, they have looked great all winter and then this spring i've noticed there's about five birds that have bald spots on their backs and one has a huge sore from i assume getting pecked, i have suspiscions it might be the smaller rooster i might kick him out, let me know what ya'll think, thanks
That sounds like over mating. Your hen to rooster ratio isn't bad. There are always a few hens that seem to get that way. Some of the times when that happens the hens will pick the blood feathers as they emerge and perpetuate the bald patch. If that is what is happening then you can do a few things. Use something like Pick no More to stop them picking the new feathers. Chicken saddles to cover the patches. Getting rid of a rooster will slow it down. Even with one rooster there is always a hen or two that get that way.
i sat and watched them for awhile and it is one of the roosters i believe, i have one young banty and he's just all over the hens and i think i'll move him along and it should help alot....thanks for the advice...

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