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I'm not sure what to do. I first noticed that some of my chickens were sneezing and had runny poo about three months ago. I treated them with Terramycin for 10 days. That didn't seem to fix the problem. Then last week found out that they were infested with Northern Fowl Mites. (We looked at it under a microscope) LOL!! I found an egg with mites crawling on it after the hen layed and then I looked at her vent. GROSS!! It was bad. Can mites cause sneezing and runny poo? Should I wash the vents of the chickens that are really bad? I treated the coop and chickens with Sevin and put new bedding and nesting material down and sprinkled Sevin under the new shavings, in the nest boxes, on the roosts and in the corners of the coop.

Question #1 Can mites cause sneezing and runny poo?
Question #2 Should I wash the vents of the chickens that are really bad?
Question #3 Is it possible that my chickens have worms?

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runny poo could be enteritis or a sign of parasites. If they have mites, they could possibly have other internal parasites. I would eitherget a fecal sample to the vet or go ahead and worm them with eprinex (the one for cows is not meant to be used for chickens but is effective), the dose is miniscual. The sneezing could be caused from the bedding, especially from the winter months.

After you worm them add ACV to their water. Use a platsic or ceramic waterer, not metal. 1/4 cup of organic ACV to 1 gallon water for a boost. You can also give them some vitamins for 3 days, but not in the same water as the ACV. Give one in the morning, the other at night.

And try to see if the bedding may be the reason they are sneezing. Try to keep it clean and the dust down.

Continue to give ACV in water after the first week or so at 1 and 1/2 Tablespoon per gallon.

See if this helps and call back in a week if you dont get any results
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