Chickens sneezing. Lost 5 in 4 weeks


Aug 12, 2021

I’m after some advice please.

We have 50 silkies. In June 2 died. They were sneezing and sounded very chesty. I took 4 others that sounded unwell to an avian vet that thought they had a chest infection and supplied an antibiotic for the rest of the flock.

min the past 4 weeks 5 more have died suddenly from the same symptoms.

we have 50 chickens and 5 currently have symptoms.

Ive called the vet again who said they will prescribe more antibiotics but said as we have so many chickens we need to go to a PHS commercial vets and pay around £500 for testing

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this? Main symptoms are sneezing and when I hold them bubbling in their chest. There are no other symptoms at all

Thank you

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