Chickens Too Cold?


Oct 15, 2020
It's DaisyBuff here. I have 5 Rhode Island red chickens 11 months old. And a golden Buff Orpington Named Daisy 1 year. It has been getting in the teens at night 16 degrees last night. In the day Its about 25-40 degrees normally in the later 20s under freezing temps, should I lock them up in their coop at night with a heat lamp? According to the weather it's just going to get colder, and I know chickens can keep themselves warm, but I still don't know what I should do? I need some help. I also have a little quail named Alice that lives in a pen attached to chicken coop I'm worried about her to.
Do not think warm, think DRY. Dry chickens with wind protection are warm birds. Wet, damp chickens from a lot of warm breath, and no ventilation are cold chickens. Think of being out of the shower in your own warm house, you are chilly until you get dried off.

The problem with worrying about being warm, we want to add heat, and close up the coop, which just traps the moisture. Think of being in a car, in cold weather, without the heater blowing, windows fog up almost immediately.

Seems counter intuitive, but open up the ventilation, and keep it open, add a lot of bedding, keep the manure from building up, and have protection from the prevailing wind, and your chickens will be comfortable and healthy.

From SD, we spend at least part of the winter well below zero.

Mrs K
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