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Jun 6, 2020
Good afternoon all my chicken lovers! i went outside this morning to check on my chickens... they have a coop and a pen around the coop... the chicken had her wing ripped off, and the bone is exposed. i work in healthcare in a hospital, so i know wounds on people but not animals... i flushed out the wound and put peroxide on her as well, and rubbed neosporin with pain reliever in it and wrapped the wound in gauze, took her inside away from the flock (i dont want the other chickens pecking at her)... any other tips or advice? thank you so much in advance!


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Dec 11, 2009
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Wounded tissue and broken bones are pretty universal in the way they are treated. The only big difference is that we don't treat chicken pain, mostly because the pain relievers are toxic to chickens. Also, find an alternative to peroxide for ongoing wound treatment as it hinders production of new tissue. Vetericyn is a good animal wound treatment that promotes tissue growth.

Of equal concern is how the wing happened to be torn off. Raccoons are famous for reaching through the mesh of the fencing to snatch a chicken and try to pull body parts through the mesh, dismembering the chicken in the process. You need to address the vulberability of your enclosure. Hardware cloth around the lower 24 inches would greatly help to protect your flock.

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