Chickens won't drink from cups.


5 Years
Jul 7, 2014
Hi all. I have some barred rocks that just started laying. I bought them at a swap, so I'm not sure how they were given water. At first, I just had a bowl in their run, but they kept filling it with grass or tipping it over. So I bought these chicken water cup thingys.

I still have some kinks to work out, but they are holding water. However, none of the 4 chickens I have are drinking out of it. It is about head high for them. I put a log nearby so they can hop on that and be higher than the water if they want. They can see the water in there. I'm wondering if the height is the issue. I just didn't want it too low because of them making such a mess.

The other potential problem is I have a little "pond" that sits just outside their run. They get water from this when I let them out, but they can not access it when cooped up. Do they think that's their only source of water? When I let them out in the morning, they all run to the pond and drink like crazy. And since the cups still have water in them, without me refilling the bucket, it's clear they aren't using them.

Any tips on how to get them to use the cups?
I like those cups except in winter. I have mine about breast high. I think head high is more appropriate for nipples.
I press the yellow valve and fill the cup frequently till they get the idea.

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