Chickenstock fiesta yardsale August 21

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Apr 1, 2010
Chickie'sMoma :

Quote:i'm not so sure it had much competition! i guess there were only a few others who had entered stuff that day. which i thought was interesting since i've noticed a lot of newbies learning how to can and preserve this year-my sister included!

not much of a secret that i know of for his preferred recipe. lots of hot habanero peppers, i think he mixes a few jalapenos too, sugar, cider vinegar, and liquid pectin. he knows that the cider vinegar makes it sweet to offset that heat! most recipes he's seen use other vinegars that just don't bring out a good flavor. we've been using the Ball Blue Book for recipes and i think he found it in there or somewhere online if i know him well.

You so rock!

I've been canning for a few years, and my mother and my best friend's mom also did a ton when I was a kid.. I'm glad to have the equipment to make anything on a whim..
I will have to make some of this very soon, with winter coming and all!

Thanks for the info!​


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Apr 29, 2009
New Hampshire
Chickie'sMoma :

i got some interesting news today about my dh's habanero pepper jelly! our local Blue Seal was doing a canning & tasting contest so i dropped of 3 different jars of jams. one was his pepper jelly! it won first place and i was able to sell 2 of the jars to a few of their employees!
when i got to the store to pick up our prize they had the jar almost done! hubby is happy to have more lovers of his recipe! i'm hoping in a few more weeks to have enough peppers from the garden to make another batch before the end of the warm season. those 2 employees want us to keep them supplied with the stuff!

Shay, i'll make sure to have a few jars set aside for you and your dh when i come down! Gypsie, do you need me to set aside a jar or two also?

Pssst if you have any jars available I will take a few...​
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