Chicks and Ducks for local pick up only! Rabbits Too!


10 Years
Feb 10, 2011
Bogalusa, LA
I am hatching now through easter! Local Pick Up Only! Please do not bid on auction.
Standard and Bantam mix chicks $3 each.
White Silkies $5 each. Hatching soon!
FBCM, Bev Davis, $8 each. Hatching soon!
Cuckoo Marans, Fitch Ripley, $8 each. Hatching soon!
Welsummers, only 2 left, $8 each.
Easter Eggers, $5 each, possible olive eggers!
Call Ducklings, $10 each. Hatching soon!
Please email so i can put you on waiting list for the ones that will be hatching, I will have limited numbers available for this hatch, but will be hatching more soon.

Rabbits are $15 and up. I have some available now and some in boxes that will be ready before easter. Breeds: Lionhead(Ready Now), Jersey Wooly(Ready Now), Dutch, Mini Rex and Dwarf.
ALL of our animals' health is GUARANTEED!
Rollin' Hills Rabbitry
[email protected]

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