chicks and hatching eggs


5 Years
Jan 21, 2015
Kingman AZ
Pricing starts at 10 to 25 on chicks and 25 to 90 on eggs
HI all its is getting close to spring so time to get a jump start on the season. I have a large variety of chicks from a day old to a few weeks old in French Black Copper Marans,
Lavender split to Black Copper Maran,
French Rare White Marans,
Isbars green eggs
\Fly Tye Genetic Hackle,
Cream Crested Legbars Jill Rees Line, these lay blue eggs
Will have Polish tolbunts smooth and Frizzle and Cochins smooth and Frizzle soon.
Welbar chicks as soon as my hens get going with my new roo.
Hatching eggs are also ava.
You can go to to see the parent stock and some photos of the chicks/eggs Will post new photos by the end of the week.
Prices are listed for each.
My email is [email protected] or you can message me here.
I am in Kingman AZ and ship all over I go to Mesa during the winter about once a month and Southern Ca about once a month can deliver then

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