Chicks are getting sick

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by allquackedup, Nov 12, 2009.

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    Aug 9, 2009
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    We have some Delawares that we bought and recieved one week ago. They are in the house with a heat lamp controlled enviroment. We lost two in shipping,Lost one the evening after recieving them and now we have lost another last night. We have one fighting for life as I write. We have a couple more at this time sneezing. We went to So. States and got Vet/Rx followed instructions and medicated one we feel are sick. We did add recommended amount to water as well for all. Is there any thing else we can do?. This is the first time we have had a problem like this. Should I seperate all the one that show sign by sneezing. There is no discharge of fluids from beaks. I don,t want to loose any more. Any suggestions??
    We have been on medicated food from day one. Have fed hardboiled eggs as treats. All have had good appetites.
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    Do you put electrolytes solution in their water? Have you isolated the sick ones? I don't know much about sick baby chicks, maybe this bump will get you some better answers. So sorry you are having trouble with your babies.
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    I hope you get some good advice soon.
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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Me, too! Save those Dellies!
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    What is in the brooder? Pine, newspaper, etc..

    Many diseases hit chicks the hardest. If you have other chickens they may be carriers and have infected the chicks. The chicks may also have been infected at the hatchery.

    Watch for eye problems, gurgling, or any symptoms at all.
  6. allquackedup

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    Aug 9, 2009
    Southern Maryland
    Well we lost the one we were nursing early this morning. [​IMG] We have called him droopie since we got him cuz his feathers were always hanging low. I thought last night he was perking up but ... We only have one now (I think) that we have isolated away from others cuz he's kinda weezing. Since we put the VetRX on/in him he does sound better. I hope he hangs in there. We are new to this and first time we ordered chicks through mail. We have decided we will never do that again. We are trying our best to save the rest. This morning I had to isolate one more, he has become aggressive to other chicks. He was pecking/picking at them and did so much that one has a raw area on his back. So I watched them and saw one chasing the rest and pecking so I pulled him out. I haven't noticed any of the rest doing it. Any thoughts on how long I should keep him isolated, will this stop him or curve the behavior? Seemed like this didnt happen until we rubbed some of this VetRX on the feathers of the others trying to prevent them from getting this cold? or breathing problems. Maybe he likes the flavor or something. It has broken our hearts these lil ones dying. We started with 15 and are down to 10. We have them in house, they have these pad type things we change out couple times a day. they absorb moisture. We didnt use any kind of chips or anything because it seems to harbor moisture and mildew so quickly. I am not sure but I loosly covered the basket we keep them in and I am not sure if the fumes from their poo got them sick. My husband was reading on BYC to see what they could have and read that the amonia in their poo can get to them. I do know some of the lil ones have been not so active since we got them and the bigger ones are running full speed. Not sure of individual ages my guess is maybe couple weeks between age differences but don't have a definite on that. So.... any advice would be greatly appreciated. We thank you for your help. We have 42 in the bator now....due Dec 3rd!![​IMG] We have hateched a couple batchs ourselves and all has gone great. We will continue this route from now on. I think only way we will by live chicks is if we can go to their home and pick them up ourselves. Lesson learned. Thanks again

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