Chicks are hatching.....lost 2 already HELP!

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  1. ATessarzik

    ATessarzik Just Hatched

    Jun 17, 2016
    Not sure what to do IF ANYTHING! 14 eggs, today is day 20/21......they are starting to hatch, 3 have hatched, Only one is alive. This a.m. one was found out of the nest by the door-dead. The next egg hatched fine and so far is alive and well! The most recent egg was looking pretty smushed underneath mamma hen, but I thought it was just about to come out.....looked hours later and it was still in the same spot/ same position, so I decided to grab it, and well it was 1/2 out of the egg, and dead. Smushed by Mom perhaps? Now we have about 6 more that have the my instinct is to leave them. Its now 8:30 @ night. any suggestions on what i can or may do to make sure they at least hatch well? Thanks for any input! GOSH who ever thought having chicks would be stressful!

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