chicks bedtime?


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May 25, 2009
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:idunnoMy chicks don't go to sleep when the sun goes down. is this normal? I was up @ 11pm the other night, and some of those clowns were still awake! My husband says that's not normal... what is normal?
How old are the chicks and are they still under artificial light? My chicks go to sleep at sundown, they are around 10-11 weeks old. When they were in the house, I turned off their light around 8pm and they complained for a 1/2 hour or so but then went to sleep.
3 weeks old, and there in the garage, with the red heat lamp on. I'm afraid they'll get to cold. it gets in the 50's here at night. what do you think? turn off their light?
No, don't turn off their light this early in their life, they will get cold. My peepers partied all night at that age, they will settle down in a few weeks. They shouldn't be too loud, just mostly gentle peeping right? chicks are outside at 5 weeks old and do just fine, They sleep as soon as it starts to get dark....until morning, but in our AZ weather, the nights are warm.
Their weather is in the 50's at night, it is way too cold for chicks at 3 weeks old.

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