Chicks being sold as Buff Orpingtons and Buckeyes, but they're not...?


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Warning - Cute Chick Photos!! Your input is VERY much appreciated, thank you! I've tried to figure this out myself to no avail. Could these babies be mixed breeds? Also I suspect that 1 is a cockerel. The store said "they're all girls" and that they are from Mount Healthy Hatchery, but who really knows for sure.

The ones with multi-colored wings are being sold as Buff Orps. They started out as yellow with brownish/reddish backs and the red tip on their top beaks. It was nearly impossible to get them to keep them still for a good head shot. The yellow ones are being sold as Buckeyes (which I had never heard of before). These babies are all about 1 week old. Thanks again!!

Multi-colored - face

Multi-colored - backs

Multi-colored - sides

Yellow - face

Yellow - side & back of the shorter winged one

Yellow - back of the longer-winged one

Yellow - sides of both (long wing L, short wing R)
The more yellowish chicks are probably Production Reds or possibly Red Sex-links. The darker red ones may indeed be Buckeyes.
Huh. I just saw one of those darker ones with the red dot on the beak at my local feedstock today and was wondering what it was. There was only one in the tank that they have the chicks in, and clearly it wasn't any of the things they had signs for, which were australorps, white Plymouth rocks, and light brahmas, lol. :) Glad you asked! :)
Feed stores and their sloppy labeling. My local store had silver laced wyandottes labeled as Silky Wyandottes. I tried to explain to the girl that there was no such thing. I came back the next week and they had corrected the label, but the only chicks in the bin left where cornish x.
Still baffled about the yellows. They have elongated bodies and are larger than the others. I'm looking online for photos and info about Reds and Red Sex Links but am not finding any photos that match up to the yellow chicks. Other names pop up too - Star, Golden Comet, etc.. Baffled about the sex of these chicks too.

The Buckeyes look like the multi-colored ones though. Yay! A rare breed! They are already very active and alert. To think that they are being sold as Buff Orpingtons!

Yeah, this feed store didn't have any of the bins labeled. We purchased there once before with good luck because they get their chicks from the same hatchery as our original flock. Here is a pic of all our newbies so you can compare sizes:

Thank you for your help!!
Don't Buckeyes have pea combs? Those red chicks look to have straight combs to me....

Do the yellow chicks have white legs? I'm thinking they might be your Orpingtons.

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