Chicks ,Chicks , Chicks, YAY!


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Feb 17, 2010
Feed store should be gettin their chicks in today and im gonna be gettin 25 of them.

they are gettin Barred Rocks,Buff orps, Production Reds, And Easter Eggers!!

Anyone on here that can tell me wather production reds are good? never owned them before.

Any advice would be helpful

Thank you
Wecome to BYC,

I don't know about Production Reds, are they considered Red Stars? If so they are great layers. Enjoy your new babies!
Holy Hannah, I had a heck of a time finding this thread again! Anyhow I went to Google and looked up Production Reds. It brought me to the Cackle hatchery site. They are related to the RIR and it says are a " vigorous brown egg layer". They look like the RIR only a little lighter. Pretty birds. Good luck!
I have 4 Production Reds in my flock of 10 hens & they are by far my best layers. They lay big brown eggs and are very friendly. If you're after lots of eggs then go with the production reds.
They are a cross between RIR and another breed, bred for egg production. Not sure if they are sex linked or not but would not be surprised if they are. I have black sex links for egg production.

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