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Hi All I just got my order from McMurrary (a day early) all 25 doing well but one of my Blue Cochins eyes are shut. It let me open one eye but it shut right back. When I attepted the other one it started scratching so I stopped. It is defenitly the smallest of all the chicks that arrived. It was standing all alone and leaned up against the side of the brooder. I tried to put its beak in the grow gel it only ate what was on its beak.

Any suggestions?!
Please help if there is anything I can do??
Unfortunately you may loose one or 2...

Do you have a small dropper or syringe you can try getting the liquid in and very gently put a drop on the side of the beak and watch them drink it and then apply another drop to get something in him?

I've read on here to do gatorade or something like that with the salt/sugar for the electrolytes...
It could have just been pecked in the eye by another chick while in the box. They do pick on the weakest. I hope it will be just fine in a few days. I would also do what the others suggested. Good luck.
Keep putting more "grow gel" on its beak and introduce it to some water the same way.

Just keep doing this until it perks up.

The little ones get very stressed and sometimes it only takes a little extra attention and they perk right up.

Make certain there are no drafts, that it can see and hear the others, and the brooder temperature is correct.
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I was just wondering you know when I incubated eggs it talked about the light bulbs and how chicks could go blind if they stared into them and they were bright... ?
I've only ever used a red light. It is next to the other chicks, it leans up against them. It seems healthy otherwise, actively walking around.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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