Chicks hatching! One with red blob on butt?


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11 Years
Mar 1, 2008
I woke up this morning to three red star chicks in the incubator, and one coming out of it's egg. One of the chicks that hatched through the night has a red blob about a centimeter in diameter sticking out of it..
Is this something that will go back in or dry up as it's fluffing in the incubator? The other chicks look fine.

Someone more experienced than myself can chime in, but I've seen that before and I believe it's just a rough navel. Leave it alone. It'll dry up and fall off eventually.

Or at least that's what happened with one I had like that last week. Good luck and don't panic.
Whew, you guys were right. I came home from work and all was well with that chick, however..

Another chick seems a lot smaller than the others that hatched during the day. It has what looks like a long rope of..something coming out of it that is about three inches long. This wouldn't be intestine?? Or umbilical cord? It's still pretty wet like it hatched not long ago. I am going to leave it in the incubator like I did the other..

I think I got cheated too because I bought red star chicken eggs and one of the chicks is pure black
and others are hard to tell sex because of entirely yellow body and red head..
I have read about the cord coming out of the rump thing, and from what i hear DO NOT PULL IT!!! if it is the umbilical cord it will fall off in a little while.

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