chicks in shipping-- tell me not to panic


Mar 31, 2020
Delaware County (near Philly), PA
I have some 7-week old chicks currently being shipped from a small hatchery in New Mexico (I am in PA.). I ordered them a month ago, when they were smaller. They were supposedly ready to be shipped then, but various delays occurred (mostly on the seller's end) and they weren't shipped until last night. My concern is that, despite the seller telling me it would be 2-day shipping, tracking is saying they won't arrive until Saturday. Also today is a federal holiday so I can't talk to anyone at the post office. Can anyone reassure me? Are my poor chicks stranded somewhere for the holiday -- or are they still in transit? It is common for the tracking to add 2 extra days?

Thanks -- I look forward to your sage advice. I am so worried, I should have just gotten the hatching eggs.


Nov 3, 2020
Atlanta GA
Go do last minute set up for their pen / roosts / feeder / waterer, clean anything that could use it, check edges of pen for breaks that a predator could get in or a chicken could get out, organize your chicken medicine cabinet (this is a normal thing to have right?).... theres so many better things than that nasty P word.

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