chicks in shipping-- tell me not to panic

Feb 10, 2020
I have followed your thread from the beginning, starting when u were fretting the chicks would die in transit, but they arrived early and Appeared to be ok at first. I am sorry your experience has been so horrendous. I am hoping things go right from here on out, including hoping that Cuckoo is a Girl!


Mar 31, 2020
Delaware County (near Philly), PA
The chicks are all outside now while I clean up their pen. They seem happy to see some sunshine. Question for those in the know: We are finished 7 days of antibiotic (sulfa.). I was planning to have 5 days off meds to give them probiotics, and then 5-7 days Corid just in case. Does that sound right? Then I was going to wait 2 weeks and do another fecal float test. Do you think the second fecal float is necessary? (The expense isn't the main issue -- it a 3 hour round trip to go to the lab and back.)

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