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    Valley City, OH
    We are small family farm, Sunnyside Up Micro-Farm, specializing in rare and heritage poultry for exhibition and the backyard fancier. NPIP. Quality birds from some of the best lines from around the country! Bred to SOP and heavily culled.

    We are located in NE Ohio Medina County and YES we ship
    Unsexed Chicks
    Lavendar Ameraucanas $12, White Marans $12, Double Laced BBS Barnvelders $12, French Black Copper Marans $15, Blue/Black/Splash Marans $10, English Blue/Black/Splash Orpingtons $20, Blue/Black/Splash Bresse $10, Rhodebars $20/pair, Biefelders $30/pair, English Chocolate Orpingtons $20, English Buff Orpingtons $20, Blue/Black/Splash Ameraucanas $12, Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks $12
    Hatching eggs and a few select pullets and breeding stock are available.
    You can find additional information on our farm, pictures, breed info on our website or FB page. Contact us via email for questions on additional breeds available and prices, etc. We don't sell run of the mill chickens that you can pickup at TSC. These are rare and heritage breeds that will lay great for you and be eye candy for your coop! We also offer Hatching Eggs! We accept PayPal[​IMG].

    Check out our website at Check out our FB page at: and you can find us on Backyard Chickens of course :)

    Jill Besida from Sunnyside Up Micro-Farm

    Visit our FB page and LIKE us or if you have already liked us SHARE our FB link on your page!
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    Dec 26, 2014
    Hey I was wondering if your English Black Orpington Trio was show quilty?[​IMG]
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    Sep 13, 2013
    I have some birds that came from you, not directly, I bought them from a gal who bought them from you, gorgeous birds though, great quality.
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    Jan 7, 2017
    Looking for pullets? What kind do you have? I'm in Gallatin, Tn

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