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May 9, 2009
Denver Metro area Colorado
Hi, I have had two pulletts that I have raised together and they are about 5 weeks old. I just introduced a new pullett who is about 6 or 7 weeks old. the two chicks are warey and one is sort of sassy to the new one. Is ths normal? If so, how long will this last?
They are establishing their pecking order. At their age the pecking order thing can go on for awhile. Mine would fluff up and run at each other and do what I call the belly or chest bump.
YES! that is exactly what the one is doing! and pecking at her too. The weird thing is...shes like two weeks younger and is pushing the bigger one around. I cant figure out why the big one doesnt "stick up" for her self.
I just introduced my young silkie pullet Heidi to the older girls who are Mille Fleur sisters but still pullets. I put her out in the tractor with them and watched as they puffed up and put their wings straight down. Then they attacked her! Spots, the biggest went after her over and over until she hid under a piece of wood in the corner with just her puffy little booty sticking out. I immediately took the Mille Fleurs out and let Heidi have the tractor to herself but I think we are both traumatized.
Heidi is really more of a house chicken, she is held all the time and this is her first experience outside. I know pecking order is important but now I'm afraid they're going to kill her.
This is my first experience with integration anyone have any suggestions aside from my desire to just keep her inside all the time?
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