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    May 26, 2010
    Hey, my almost 6 week old girls are currently at my bosses house because my landlord evicted them [​IMG] Anyway, they are in a 4x4 halfway house directly on the ground. Unfortunately, they don't get their heat lamp anymore but it doesn't get below 50 or 60 degrees here in Colorado at night. SO, they are in this house that has 2 sides plywood and 2 sides hardware cloth for complete ventilation and scenery. This box is placed INSIDE another really big RUN, who has 5 hens (Not sure of their breeds, just the regulars, I think Red sex link, wyandottes, leghorn maybe?). Anyway, they have been over here for almost a week.

    They have to stay here until the beginning of August. Question is, will I ever be able to let them out with the big girls for some extra leg room during the day? Even if it's just a few hours. The only problem may be catching them.... and of course, I don't want the big girls to pick on them. If I can' t let them out, will they go absolutely nuts in their 4x4 house? I have 2 red sex links, 1 wyandotte (she may be a good few days younger than all the others), 1 bantam cochin.


    ps here is the box, after we just got done building it

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    I think 6 week olds are probably too small to be let loose with adult hens. At that age I think they're just fine in the halfway house for 3-4 more weeks.

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    I have 6 week olds running with adults and teens and they do fine but my babys are with their momma and she does a good job of running any one off that tries to steel their food. I think you could try it for a while, the little ones will run back to their house if they feel threatened. I don't think I would let them go together if you can't be there to intervene if needed. but they would be fine left in the box if you feel unsure. Good luck!!!

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